The plant used by Kerala tribe to heal wounds is going to be an anti-cancer drug.

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  • The Neurocalyx calycinus plant, used by the Cholanaickan tribe to heal wounds, has the prospect of being developed into an anti-cancer drug.
  • A group of scientists at the Jawaharlal Nehru Tropical Botanic Garden and Research Institute confirmed the multiple therapeutic properties of a shrub named Neurocalyx calycinus to treat inflammations and wounds. The shrub is used by the Cholanaikkans tribe, one of the particularly vulnerable groups in Kerala.
  • Researchers came to know of the miracle plant in the year 1988 during a biological survey deep inside the Nilambur forests. The plant is used by the Cholanaickan tribe, which is the particularly vulnerable group in Kerala, to treat inflammations and wounds.

Important findings:

  • During animal trials, it was found that the leaves of Neurocalyx calycinus have wound-healing properties, which can be compared to the standard drug Povidone/ Iodine in the early phase of inflammation
  • The anti-inflammatory activity of the leaves was found to be similar to the drug diclofenac sodium
  • The pre-clinical trials have confirmed the therapeutic effects of N calycinus against burn wounds and pain, besides its immuno-enhancing platelet augmentation and anti-oxidant potential
  • The plant also possesses high Vitamin E content and potent cytoprotective activity in its cell lines, which increases the prospects of developing an anti-cancer drug

The scientists from JNTBGRI have filed for a patent on a novel herbal drug formulation possessing wound-healing, burn-healing, anti-cancer, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, immuno- enhancing, platelet-augmentation and anti-oxidant effects.

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