Trump administration to enforce laws related to H-1B programme

  • U.S. administration will enforce the laws related to the H-1B visa programme that went unenforced until now, the White House said even as the Justice Department warned companies against using the programme to displace American workers.

  • As this year’s application process for H-1B visas began, USCIS announced a slew of measures to crack down on companies that might be misusing the programme, including more stringent checks at sites where H-1B workers are employed.

  • “The H-1B visa programme should help U.S. companies recruit highly-skilled foreign nationals when there is a shortage of qualified workers in the country.

  • Yet, too many American workers who are as qualified, willing, and deserving to work in these fields have been ignored or unfairly disadvantaged.

  • Protecting American workers by combating fraud in our employment-based immigration programmes is a priority for the USCIS,” the agency said in a statement.

  • The USCIS, the agency responsible for selecting the 85,000 H-IB beneficiaries, also clarified, purportedly for administrative reasons, that computer programmers with two-year degrees do not qualify for speciality occupation as defined by the programme.

  • In a third statement from the administration on Monday, the Justice Department said it would not tolerate employers misusing the H-1B visa process to discriminate against U.S. workers.

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