Trump completes 100 ‘eventful’ days in office

President Donald Trump had completed the first symbolic milestone of his presidency, the first 100-day mark which falls on Saturday, April 29. He has signed 66 executive orders, memoranda and presidential proclamations, but the courts have blocked his signature Muslim immigration ban, twice.

Republicans in Congress has baulked at supporting his health-care bill to replace the Affordable Care Act, and the FBI is investigating Trump campaign ties to Russia, revelations that forced the resignation of his national security adviser, Michael Flynn.

Only 22 of the 556 administration appointments requiring Senate confirmation have been filled, according to the nonpartisan Partnership for Public Service, and just four in 10 Americans (40 percent) approve of his performance — a record-low approval rating for a new president.

When he entered office on January 20th, this year, after winning one of the fiercest presidential elections in recent US history, he pledged to shake up how Washington functions. From politicians to international leaders and organizations, everyone would definitely agree that tremors have been felt at not just in America but elsewhere too.

Here’s a look at the highpoints of these 100 days of Trump’s presidency:


President Trump’s travel ban order to temporarily block visitors from mainly Muslim countries failed judicial scrutiny twice. The order sparked not just angry reactions but a number of lawsuits, panic among those supposed to be affected by it and worldwide condemnation.


The “Energy Independence” executive order eliminated many Barack Obama-era restrictions on fossil fuel production, effectively derailing some environmental goals. Given the fact that the president has called global warming a ‘hoax’ in the past, it is unclear how the US will now achieve its carbon reduction goals.


During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump kept on promising a pull-out from Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). He signed the executive order to pull out of the TPP. Trump has been very vocal in saying that many global deals are not in America’s favour. The move prompted China to present itself as the one capable to fill the vacuum.


Repeal of Obamacare has been one of the key poll promises of Donald Trump. The scrapping of Affordable Care Act seemed easier said than done when his own party colleagues opposed the move. The setback to Trump administration led to a last minute pullout from a house vote on the issue.


A concrete solution continues to elude Syria crisis. The U.S. has been avoiding a direct involvement in the conflict since it began 6 years ago. Trump also adhered to the stand adopted by his predecessor Barack Obama. But President Trump didn’t take long to authorize a Tomahawk missile attack in Syria after an alleged chemical attack by the Syrian government. The missiles targeted an airfield in the crisis-ridden nation as Trump said that chemical strike “crossed many lines”. The move angered Russia but was hailed elsewhere. Many termed the U.S. strikes as watershed in Syria crisis.


Donald Trump has always been very clear about his plans to eliminate Islamic State. Targeting I.S. terrorists in Afghanistan with ‘Mother of All Bombs’ was seen as a significant move in this regard. The attack is said to have caused heavy losses to Islamic State and further boost to Afghan forces.


Tensions with North Korea over its nuclear and missile programme are at unprecedented level. Trump has time and again reiterated that all options are on table to ensure Pyongyang falls in line. As USS Carl Vinson strike group heads towards Korean peninsula in a show of force to send a message to North Korea, Trump also hinted that U.S. wants a diplomatic solution to the issue.


President Trump sought to carry out another campaign pledge to put “America First” by signing an executive order on the H-1B visa program. The decision is expected to hit Indian workers and companies. He also signed an order for “Buy American, Hire American”.


The first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency were also marred by a number of controversies and political tussles over his nominees for white house.

President Trump’s pick for Health Secretary Tom Price could only be cleared after a bitter battle with Democrats who accused him of having a shady record of trading health care stocks.

Another team Trump nominee for Education department Betsy DeVos, saw some Republican senators refusing to vote for her leading to a tie for confirmation. It was only with the deciding vote of Vice President Mike Pence that the appointment went through. Had one more Republican senator defected, the nomination would have been rejected. Betsy DeVos faced opposition over her involvement in “elevation for-profit schools”.

Trump’s pick for Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, also went through a tumultuous confirmation process. Democrats opposed the senator from Alabama over his views on race and civil rights and sought to block his appointment.

Confirmation of Supreme Court justice Neil Gorsuch unfolded a fierce battle between Democrat and Republican camps. As Democrats won a filibuster intended to obstruct the nomination, Republicans camp went ‘nuclear’ to get the rules changed to avoid a super majority for the appointment.

The Trump administration found itself into eye of the storm over what role Russia might have played in influencing the campaign. One casualty of the whole episode was National Security Advisor Mike Flynn, who was asked to put in his papers for allegations over his relationship with Russian officials.

The President became known for his unique style and mannerism. Never hesitant in criticizing media Donald Trump minces no words to convey what he wishes to say. He fondly uses social media to reach out to the public. He also addressed a number of campaign style rallies, an unusual thing in a non-election year.

Good or bad, the debate can go on and on, but what everyone would agree with is Trump’s first 100 days in office have certainly been quite eventful. From President Trump’s point of view the first 100 days have been quite a hectic affair for a first time mainstream politician, but he very well knows that it is just a beginning.

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