Two-child norm tied to jobs in Assam

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  • The Assam government announced a draft population policy
  • Two child policy: Denial of government jobs to people with more than two children
  • Any person getting a job after meeting this condition would have to maintain it till end of his service
  • For employment generation schemes like grant of tractors, houses and for other government benefits, this two-children norm will be applicable
  • Besides, all elections such as panchayats, municipal bodies and autonomous councils held under the State Election Commission will also have this norm for candidates
  • Girl education: Making education up to university level free for all girls
  • This step is likely to arrest the school dropout rate
  • Marriage age: Policy seeks to debate on increasing the legal age of marriage from 18 for girls and 21 for boys
  • If anybody had child marriage then he would be ineligible for government job
  • Women protection: Stringent laws to prevent violence and sexual abuse of women
  • A proposal for providing incentives is included for poor persons, who take care of their elderly parents
  • The policy will also care for the adolescents
  • The policy proposes to set up a State Population Council and a State Population Research Centre
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