UPSC Prelims-2017 Special MCQ-9 (Polity): Answer

Answer with Explanation for Polity- Special MCQ-9

Q1. Correct Answer : D


Article 51A says that it is the fundamental duty of every individual to renounce practices derogatory to the dignity of women. Also, the Fundamental rights and DPSP contain a number of provisions which promote a society where dignity of every individual is respected, including women. The word fraternity means the dignity of the individual (including women) and the unity and integrity of the nation as a whole. The fundamental rights already ensure the dignity of the individual by not granting special privileges to any section of society by ensuring civic equality.

Q2. Correct Answer :C


The Indian parliament can destroy any state except the J&K. Even to alter its name or area it would need the consent of the J&K state legislature. Referring the bill to the state legislature more than once is a discretionary power of the President. He may or may not do it every time the bill is amended.

Q3. Correct Answer : B


In the eyes of the law, the foreigner and the Indian is alike. However, the offence for which both can be convicted and tried can be different. For e.g. a foreigner is not entitled to free speech or protection against racial discrimination.

Q4. Correct Answer : B


Rights under Article 20 and 21 remain unaffected by the imposition of national emergency. Other rights may or may not be suspended depending on the decision of the government.

Q5. Correct Answer : A


Justifying untouchability on any ground even if philosophical, scientific or religious is an offence. While private places are generally out of ambit, but explicit discrimination is still an offence. Supreme Court has also held that protection against untouchability is also available against private bodies.
Not allowing a non-Hindu a different matter altogether. Even in public Hindu temples non- Hindus can be banned. It is not untouchability but a matter of religious faith.

Q6. Correct Answer : D


We have a right to protest, not to strike. Right to be offended is an opinion of leading intellectuals in the country to be included in the freedom of speech – in the recent case of the book by Wendy Donigner – Penguin Publications.

Q7. Correct Answer : C


The criteria of restricting freedom of speech are: defamation; relations with foreign states; public order etc.
All thus qualify under it. M.S. Dhoni move the court recently for restricting the false reports against him that were defaming him.

Q8. Correct Answer : C


Only civil laws can be applied retrospectively. For e.g. in the recent Vodafone tax dispute, the government is trying to tax Vodafone retrospectively.

Q9. Correct Answer : B

Q10. Correct Answer : D


The state can spend public money on religious affairs but not on any one particular religion. It can spend for the promotion of all. It can also impose a fee for regulation and promotion, but not taxes.

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