UPSC Prelims 2017 Special MCQ Date:- 01/05/2017

UPSC Prelims 2017 Special MCQ Date:- 01/05/2017

Daily Special MCQ’s from The Hindu NEWSPAPER.

Q.1- Which of the following points regarding the real estate regularty act 2016 is/are correct? i)It act to protect the right of home lawyers & bring tranparency to the real estate sector. ii) Under it Devolopers are required to display sanctions plans & lay out of projects. iii) Projects 50% of the funds would have to be deposited in a separate bank in new & unused projects. iv) Projcts with plot size of minimum 500sqm or five apartments will have to be registered v) The developer have the libility for structural defacts for 5 years

Correct answer is [d]For more visit

Q.2- Buxa tiger reserve is in which state of india?

Correct answer is [c]

Q.3- Which of the following statements on 'South Asia Satellite' which india has build for use of SAARC Countries is/are correct? i) It will lounch on may 5,2017,from sri harikota by ISRO ii) Pakistan is exception from this satellite project iii) GSLV MK-II will be its launch vehicle. iv) It will help South asian region in Economic & Developmental Priorities.

Correct answer is [C].

Q.4- Who among the following won the 51st Barcelona Open title, which is a clay court tournament of lawn tennis.

Correct answer is [a].

Q.5- Which of the following team won the I-league championship?

Correct answer is [b].

Q.6- Who won the women's champions title in the Jio-19th Asian individual squash Championship & made history as first time an Indian is winning Asian title.

Correct answer is [b].

Q.7- What is the H-1B visa of U.S.A.

Correct answer is [d].

Q.8- Which of the following statement is/are correct about upcoming India & USA bilateral trade talks proposed this month. 1.) Annual West Coast Summit for food processing & supply chain logistics. 2.) Mega trade Expo "Glorious India " for garments, gems, tourism & real estate. 3.) India integrated transport & logistics summit 2017 for supply chain & Infrastructure collaboration.

Correct answer is [c].

Q.9- After Merger of SBI & it's Associates Banks, how many public sector banks(PSB's) remained in INDIA?

Correct answer is [b].

Q.10- What is THAAD?

Correc answer is [a].


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