UPSC Prelims 2017 Special MCQ Date:- 06-may-2017

UPSC Prelims 2017 Special MCQ Date:- 06/05/2017

Daily Special MCQ’s from The Hindu NEWSPAPER, PIB, INDIA EXPRESS to Clear IAS EXAM 2017.

Q.1-India successfully launched South Asia satellite (GSAT-9) from Sriharikota. Which of the following statement is correct about it? i) It is planned in geostationary orbit at present. ii) It is communication satellite. iii) Its footprints extend all over South Asia. iv) It has 7 ku band transponder one for each SAARC countries.

Correct answer is [b].

Q.2- Which of the following is/are correct about the FRBM review committee (N.K.Singh fiscal discipline panel) recommendations. i) The centre should target a fiscal deficit of 2.5% of GDP by 2023. ii) The debt to GDP target for the government as a whole (center plus state ) be pegged at 60% by fiscal 2020

Correct answer is [a].

Q.3-Which of the following statement is correct about ordinance passed by central government to amend the Banking regulation act 1994?

Correct answer is [c].

Q.4-Which of the following statement is/are correct about Pradhan Mantri Ujjwal yojana. i) This scheme was launched on 1st May 2015. ii) This is scheme for BPL families as per SECC 2011 iii) It surpassed the targets for the financial year 2016-2017 by giving over 2.20 crore new gas connections. iv) It is a Flagship scheme of the finance ministry.

Correct answer is [c].

Q.5- As part of the Indian navy's overseas deployment 2 Indian warships INS Mumbai and INS Aditya, visited to a 3 days visit to?

Correct answer is [b].

Q.6- According to latest data released by RBI Indian foreign exchange reserves touched an all time high of

Correct answer is [b].

Q.7-Which of the following statement is/are correct about new guidelines (draft) issued by the Ministries of civil aviation for unruly and disruptive behavior of air passengers. i) It is both for domestic and international airlines. ii) Minimum 3 months ban for passenger . iii) Airline can impose 3 level of ban

Correct answer is [d].

Q.8-The Union Home Ministry has again declared which state a 'distributed' area under the armed forces (special powers) act, for next 3 months from may 3.

Correct answer is [a].

Q.9-In which of the following playing format Indian cricket team is at the top spot.

Correct answer is [a].

Q.10-The Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy (IGNFA) is situated in?

Correct answer is [b].


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