UPSC Prelims 2017 Special MCQ Date:- 11-may-2017

UPSC Prelims 2017 Special MCQ Date:- 11/05/2017

Daily Special UPSC Prelims MCQ’s from The Hindu NEWSPAPER, PIB, INDIA EXPRESS to Clear IAS EXAM 2017.

Q.1-Which of the followig state Government has decided to launh a district level Action plan to reduce infant mortality rate [IMR] based on social economic condition?

Correct answer is [d].

Q.2- Who among the following women's cricketer is the highest wicket taker in ODI's?

Correct answer is [c]

Q.3-Which of the following statement is/are correct about Rail Development Authority? i) It is India's First Rail Regulator. ii) It will define standards of performance and efficiency for consumer satisfaction.

Correct answer is [c].

Q.4-Which of the following company becomes the first company to top the $800 billions mark in Market Capitalization.

Correct answer is [a].

Q.5- Which of the following nation will host the international UN VESAK day?

Correct answer is [b].

Q.6-Which of the following statement is correct about tuberclausis-- in India. i) Health Ministry set itself the target of eliminating tuberclosis(TB) in 2025. ii) Medical journal Lancet report project that by 2020,MDR-TB will make 12% of the TB cases in India.

Correct answer is [a].

Q.7- The Union Government has appointed who among the following as the new Defence Secratory?

Correct answer is [b].

Q.8-Which of the following Sate Government will adopt the Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme to pay the support price for paddy farmers from neat season.

Correct answer is [c].

Q.9-Which of the following satement is/are correct about aim of launching of system for e-filing of cases by Supreme Court. i) It will help Indian court to go paperless. ii) It would help ushers in transparency and reduce manipulation. iii) It will help in green cause too.

Correct answer is [a].

Q.10-Airforce as well as the government subsidy for airlines under the regional air connectivity scheme (UDAN) will be reduced every.

Correct answer is [c].


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