UPSC Prelims 2017 Special MCQ Date:-16-june-2017

UPSC Prelims 2017 Special MCQ Date:- 16/06/2017 {Daily Current Affairs MCQ’s}

Q.1- Which of the following statement are correct about the Global Innovation Index (GII) -2017 ? (i) GII -2017 is the 18th edition of this Innovation ranking with 81 parameters to make Innovation Ranking. (ii) GII-2017, India moved six places to rank 60 among 127 countries. (iii) India is the top ranked economy in central and southern Asia on the GII-2017. (iv) Denmark topped list of GII-2017. (v) Ministry of commerce recently made a task force to advice the country to improve India’s rank in GII.

Correct answer is [b].

Q.2- India’s export grew to $24.01 billion in May 2017 & Import grew to $37.85 billion in May 2017, on the basis of analysis of data, tell what effect this led on trade deficit of country?

Correct answer is [a].

Q.3- Recently Tora-Bora caves remained in news as these new uncertain area were captured by the Islamic states (IS) militants organization , These caves are in which of the country ?

Correct answer is [d]

Q.4- According to Agricultural Census -2011 , Which of the following statement are correct about it ? (i) Marginal/small farmers are these who held land of two hectares or less. (ii) About 45% of the area under cultivation in India is shared by Marginal & small farmers (iii) West Bengal had Maximum person of small & Marginal farmers.

Correct answer is [d].

Q.5- Which of the following statement is correct about the “Main Booker International Prize” . (i) the Novel “A horse walks into the bar” won this prize in 2017. (ii) Israeli author David Grossman is writer of this Novel.

Correct answer is [b].

Q.6- Which of the following Indian recently elected as the member of International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) for 9 years (2017-2026)?

Correct answer is [a].

Q.7- Recently which of the following English Tower remained in News after getting fired for nearly two days.

Correct answer is [a].

Q.8- Which of the following two companies recently announced that they will invest $6 billion in three projects, over 3-5 years, for developing discoveries in the Krishna Godavari – D6 block ?

Correct answer is [a].

Q.9- Which of the following Former chief justice of India considered a pioneer of judicial activism in the country for introducing the concept of public interest litigations (PILs) , died recently ?

Correct answer is [b].

Q.10- Which of the following Women became the first Indian woman driver to complete one of the highest classes of formula racing in Euro JK series ?

Correct answer is [c].

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