US sends SECOND nuclear warship and 7,500 marines within strike range of North Korea

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US has sends warship, known as “the Big Stick”, has been sent to boost US defence on the Korean peninsula, according to South Korean media.

It is expected to arrive in region in the coming weeks amid fears North Korea is about to test another missile or nuclear weapon.


It comes as Trump and Kim Jong-un have been escalating their war of words sparking fears of an imminent military action.

Tensions on the Korean Peninsula exploded this summer following a string of missile tests, including one that flew over the Japanese island of Hokkaido.

North Korea’s reaction

North Korea later responded “no force on Earth” can stop Kim Jong-un’s regime as it continues to advance its nuclear weapons programme.

The rogue state conducted its sixth nuclear test last month after it detonated a hydrogen bomb and sparked a 6.3 magnitude earthquake from its blast.

China’s stand on this issue

China has suggested the US and South Korea halt their exercises to lower tension.

China is by far North Korea’s biggest trading partner and provides hundreds of thousands of tonnes of oil and fuel to the impoverished regime.


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