Water spray cannons latest in pollution fight

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To combat pollution in the capital, the Delhi government plans to use a machine that sprays water into the air.

Strategy to control air pollution

  • A constructive plan with specific targets, which officials aim to start from January 2018.
  • A regulatory plan that will vary depending on the season.


A pilot project to test the machine, described by the office of the Lieutenant Governor as an “anti-smog gun”, took place in Anand Vihar on Monday.

Measures such as conversion of two-wheelers to electric vehicles, and banning diesel generator sets, are all part of Delhi’s new ‘air action plan’

Source of inspiration

This move is inspired by the Chinese water cannons that were used by the authorities there with some success. The idea is that it reduces air pollution by binding dust and other particulate matter, and bring them down to the ground level. This could be of use in an arid place like Delhi.”

Other initiative of government 

The government also plans to focus on converting the 35 lakh BS-II two-wheelers into electric vehicles. An incentive scheme for public transport such as midi buses to be converted into electric vehicles is also being considered.

The government will also focus on the existing Pollution Under Control (PUC) mechanism. Problems related to the mechanism were flagged by EPCA earlier this year.

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