Women expected to get Combat role In Indian army.

  • The Indian Air Force created history last year when it inducted three women as fighter pilots,  decision on having women as fighter pilots will be taken after evaluating performance of the three women.
  • The Indian Navy is currently deliberating on a policy of having women onboard ships. The Navy allows women in various other segments including in legal, logistics, naval architecture and engineering departments.
  • Now in a transformational move, the Indian Army is all set to open up combat positions for women.
  • Army chief general Bipin Rawat said the process to allow women in combat roles, currently an exclusive domain of men, is moving fast and initially women will be recruited for positions in military police.
  • Firstly, Indian Army  will start with women as military police jawans.

Current areas where women are recruited In Indian Army.

Engineering wings.

Roles of The role of military police are as follows

  • Policing the cantonments and Army establishments.
  • To prevent breach of rules and regulations by soldiers.
  • Maintain the movement of soldiers and logistics during peace and war.
  • Handling prisoners of war and Aid the civil police whenever required.

This gender barrier broken by only a few countries globally such as Germany, Australia, Canada, the U.S., Britain, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Sweden and Israel.

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