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World Radio Day is celebrated on February 13 every year, to celebrate radio as a medium of entertainment and information and the mode of communication.

The theme for World Radio Day is ‘ Radio is you’. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is inviting all radio stations and supporting organisations to join hands and celebrate radio and how it helps shape our lives.

The World Radio Day is now in its 6th year. Adapting to 21st century changes and offering new ways to interact and participate, Radio is still the most dynamic, reactive and engaging medium.

Radio in India:

  • Radio broadcasting started in India in the early 1920’s
  • In 1923, the first programme was aired by the Radio Club of Bombay
  • Lord Irwin, then Viceroy of India, inaugurated Indian Broadcast Company (IBC) in Bombay (now Mumbai)
  • All India Radio (AIR), one of the largest radio networks in the world, was founded in 1956
  • FM broadcasting began in July 23, 1977 in Chennai
  • Until 1993, AIR was the only radio broadcaster in India
  • Radio City Banglore was the first private FM radio station that started on July 3, 2001
  • In India, private FM is not allowed to broadcast news.
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