World’s first ‘AEROBOAT’ unveiled in Moscow

  • World’s first ‘aeroboat’ is made by Indo-Russian JV was  unveiled in Moscow
  • The Aerobot can travel  on land, water, snow and sand.

Why it has been designed?

  • It has been designed to access difficult terrain, such as flooded or marshy areas where the use of regular boats is made impossible because of shallow water, patches of dry land or by marine vegetation.
  • It can be used  for transportation and disaster management applications.
  • The amphibious aeroboats can provide high-speed year-round navigation even in frozen surfaces.
  • Environment friendly.

Features of the Aeroboat

  • Aeroboats are capable of going at around 150 km/hr or more.
  • The Aeroboat is also more robust than hovercrafts, and with estimated maintenance costs of $400-$600 per year, is cheaper to maintain and fuel.
  • It has hybrid engine meaning it can run on either petrol or electricity, enabling users to reduce carbon emissions and increase energy efficiency.
  • IoT (Internet of Things) technology has been added to it, which allows us to remotely monitor and control and diagnose the equipment, as well as troubleshoot select faults.
  • It has space  for 10 passengers and one crew member, the 6.5-metre-long aeroboat can handle steep slopes and embankments, and does not require any marine infrastructure such as jetties.

Agencies who designed Aeroboat.

  • It has been designed by IIAAT Holding, a joint venture between the International Institute for Advanced Aerospace Technologies and Indian firm Millennium Aerodynamics.
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