Current Affairs Only Daily MCQ’s – 27th April 2017

Q.1- Which of the following statements is/are correct regarding tax payment in India? 1. Only 10 percent of Indian pay income tax 2. Since 2000-01 income tax collection in India has seen 9 fold rise

Q.2- India Water Stewardship Network and Alliance for Water Stewardship is a network created by

Q.3- Trincomalee port has been in news recently, it is present in which of the following countries?

Q.4- As per the Constitutional Allocation of Powers, who has the jurisdiction to impose tax on agricultural income?

Q.5- Which of the following is correct regarding Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana? 1. It was launched by the Govt. of India to provide connectivity to unconnected Habitations 2. It is a program for the reduction of poverty 3. There are about 1.67 lakh Unconnected Habitations are eligible for coverage under the programme

Q.6- Consider the following statement with reference to Mission Kakatiya , which was in news recently: It is a flagship programme of AndraPradesh State government. It is a poverty eradication programme . Choose the correct statement

Q.7- Consider the following statement with reference to the recently launched NASA’s Super ballon: It started its journey from U.S. It is used to detect ultra-high energy cosmic particles from beyond the galaxy. Choose the correct statement using the code given below.

Q.8-Consider the following statement with reference to Gasification process: Gasification is a process that converts organic or fossil fuel based carbonaceous materials into carbon monoxide, hydrogen and carbon dioxide. It produces a gas known as Syngas. Choose the correct statement

Q.9- NITI Aayog, the think tank of the Union Government, in April 2017 came up with a vision document 2031-31 that envisages a new India. Consider the following statements in context to the document I. It envisages that every Indian will have houses with toilets, vehicles and power in next 15 years, i.e. by 2032. II. It says that the per capita income would go up by three fold to Rs 3.14 lakh in 2031-32 from Rs 1.06 lakh in 2015-16. III. It also talks about India where the gross domestic product or whose economy would rise from Rs 137 lakh crore level in 2015-16 to Rs 469 lakh crore in 2031-32. Which is/are correct?

Q.10- Which cricket body stands to lose more than half of its revenue share in ICC with the approval of the new revenue model?

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